Online University

A prestigious online University which also offers an on-campus residential programme.


An independent, state-recognised institution

eCampus is an accredited University that guarantees an exceptional academic experience. It was established on the 30th January 2006 by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

High quality learning method

eCampus University offers three different learning options:

  1. a standard distance learning programme
  2. an on-campus residential programme
  3. a combined online study and residential programme (only for non-EU students)

What makes it unique

Students have access at any time and in any place to online guidance both in terms of educational support, and for administrative and welfare needs.

A fully functioning campus

In addition to its comprehensive distance learning support, eCampus University is also a fully functioning university campus, offering a complete university experience to those who choose to live on campus.
Situated near Milan and Lake Como, the campus boasts modern and comfortable accommodation including single bedrooms with private bathroom, classrooms, two dining areas, a large park, football field, and other recreational and study areas.

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